Welcome to my web developer blog!

My name is Robert, also known as Vokiel. I work as a web applications programmer. Specializing in applications based on PHP + MySQL. Things I create is not only the code (engine) of the applications, but also their appearance (at least those for backend;)). Thanks to this fairly well mastered XHTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery more and more often lately) and the basis for more advanced Adobe Photoshop ®.

My workshop is primarily the Eclipse Galileo + Notepad++ (minor quick fixes – indispensable for selecting text columns, the duplication of lines, advanced find->replace). Adding for this environment – of course, PHP5, a database engine – MySQL5, sometimes the SQL Server (MSSQL) as well.

This blog is a kind of codebox – storage space for my own scripts, solving problems, tips & tricks, ideas. Over time, applications, classes, functions.

I invite You to the content

Robert Vokiel

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