(Polski) Klasa PHP rozwiązująca problem przynależności punktu do wielokąta


(Polski) W poprzednim wpisie: Problem przynależności punktu do obszaru wielokąta omówiłem sposoby na sprawdzenie, czy dany punkt należy do obszaru wielokąta rozpiętego na punktach. W tym wpisie przedstawię gotowe rozwiązanie zaimplementowane w PHP.

The Small Calendar – Windows gadget


The Small Calendar - a new scene in the form of system gadget. Gadget available for Windows Vista and Windows 7. The entire gadget written using JavaScript, CSS, (x)HTML.

The Small Calendar – jQuery + PHP in practise


The Small Calendar - means little calendar, which makes possible to check chosen dates for the day of the week. It's different from standard calendars because it has only one block of month days. I've decided to make that small calendar available on-line, made with PHP a little of jQuery, plus of course CSS.

CSS Sprites – combining multiple images in one reduce HTTP request


CSS Sprites is a technique based on combining multiple images, used on a webpage, into one. Printing them on the screen is done by setting up a CSS attribute background-position on a proper value which "moves" the image to show only needed part. While using CSS Sprites the web browser is downloading only one image, instead of multiple.

Earn Fame and Fortune in the Nettuts/Screenr Screencast Competition


The screencast is about alternately colorizing table rows, adding other color on mouse over and on click events. Everything made by 4 lines of CSS and a bit more of jQuery JavaScript code.

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