(Polski) Problem przynależności punktu do obszaru wielokąta

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(Polski) PHPCon PL – Druga Edycja

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Falsy Values Conference – The Day After

Falsy Values Logo

source: falsyvalues.com

Falsy Values === A True JavaScript Event

(18-20 May, 2011, Warsaw, Poland). Again Paweł Czerski and Damian Wielgosik (organizers of the Front Trends 2010 Conference) prepared high-level front-end conference. As before on FT, with names that requires no introduction: Zbigniew Braniecki, Douglas Crockford, Tantek Çelik, Tom Hughes-Croucher, Andrea Giammarchi, Christian Johansen, Michał Budzyński and more.
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(Polski) Najważniejsze selektory CSS2

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(Polski) Nowości w Firebug 1.6

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Test-Driven JavaScript Development by Christian Johansen – book review

Test-Driven JavaScript Development

Test-Driven JavaScript Development Front Cover

This post is my first attempt to write a book review. Let’s start with my newest book: Test-Driven JavaScript Development written by Christian Johansen. As the back cover says, Test-Driven JavaScript Development is a complete, best-practice guide to agile JavaScript testing and quality assurance with the test-driven development (TDD) methodology.

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Front Trends 2010 Conference – review

Front-Trends 2010

source: front-trends.com

On the 21-22.10 2010 in Warsaw Front-Trends 2010 conference took place, in which I had the pleasure to participate. The conference took place for the very first time. It brought together lead the world-class professionals. During this two-day meeting there were so many interesting presentations describing new solutions, showing the good practices and more. Front Trends was not just a conference, it was also a party (and after-party), professional discussion panel, competitions with prizes, and more. Przeczytaj całość wpisu »


(Polski) MySQL RAND() – jak pobrać losowe wiersze

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Similarity plugin cooperating with qTranslate

This time the post will be very short. People using many plugins sometimes encounter a problem with compatibility. Unfortunately, require developers to take into other plugins when writing his own, is like require the developer to install Windows. Therefore, if we are having problems we are forced to create our own solutions.

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PHP in CGI version – HTTP Authentication – login system

HTTP Authentication

Recently, during the movement of quite old application to a new server I came across a problem because of the use of HTTP authentication. The problem turned out to be sheet, but at the time of the movement and the first test I had a problem with the diagnosing what is the reasons for this.

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